Here at Commex we strive for perfection. Our goal is to meet and exceed Customers expectations in every way possible. Quality Management System make sure that the final product being shipped is of the best quality. We strictly follow ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) Standards and guidelines in all our testing procedures.


Oxygen Transmittance rate [O2TR] Testing

While packaging food the most important factor to get a good shelf life is oxygen transmittance. The amount of oxygen passing through the film can alter the freshness, nutrient value or even spoil the food in some cases. So, to keep this parameter in check we use Mocon OTR testing equipment. This two-cell oxygen transmission rate (OTR) testing system offers the widest sensor range. Testing for flat films and packages at a variety of ranges.

Electronic Microgauge

Every customer has different expectations for their extruded films. They all need films with different thickness. In order to make sure that we meet or exceed the customers expectations, every roll has its thickness tested on an electronic microgauge. This gives us the average thickness of the sample along with its deviation from the specified thickness.

Heat Sealer

Some of the packaging methods requires the use of heat seal. So we make sure our product can seal at the standard temperature. For this we use TMI TS-4 heat seal tester. The TS-4 Heat Seal tester produces consistent and accurate seals utilizing a precision load cell system which measures and displays the total force applied to the film sample. An integrated Digital Electronic Controller displays sealing force, load tare functionality, and dual selectable timer set points.

Tensile test for seal

The heat seal made during the packaging of goods needs to hold under certain stress levels. So, in order to verify that the seal will hold under standard conditions we check the strength of the seal using tensile test machine that gives us the load the sample seal can take.

Coefficient of friction Testing

Slip and friction testing aids in the evaluation of chemicals and additives used to create or minimize the degree of friction between two contacting test specimens. For CoF testing we use TMI Slip and Friction tester.

Haze/transmittance Testing

Transparency of a product is influenced by the absorption and scattering behavior of the specimen. Visually transparency is described by two phenomena: Haze and Clarity. To measure the haze of the film we use BYK-Gardner Haze Grad Plus. It quantifies visual perception with objective data.

Tear Testing

Tear testing is done to get tear strength when you try to tear the film in machine direction or Counter machine direction. We use TMI Elmendorf tear tester, an automatic, digital tear tester equipped with an optical encoder for measuring the angular position of the pendulum during tearing and converting this measurement to tear strength units.

Dart Impact Testing

Falling dart impact is a traditional method for evaluating the impact strength or toughness of a plastic film. This test uses a single dart configuration and a single drop height, while varying the weight of the dart. Test results can be used either as a quality control evaluation or for end use comparisons.