Commex Corp

We Are


Commex Corp., a California corporation, focuses exclusively on blown film extrusion. Commex has been in business since 1986. The word "Commex" is a contraction of a phrase to which all Commex employees are dedicated, "COMMitment to EXcellence". We focus on food packaging and other specialty packaging application. The Company’s Mission is to provide the best services and the highest quality plastic film products to customers.


At Commex, we’re committed to provide the best quality film in a timely manner for your needs. We will continue to look at your film structure and find every possible alternatives to improve film performance and cost structure to improve your bottom line. We will focus on innovation and better solutions for environmental concerns in our industry. We like to treat our customers as a partner so we both have a win-win situation and better plan for what’s ahead in your market.